My Dearest Helena

My Dearest Helena
by Margaret Manners
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The pages were tightly written, with letters so small that she had to squint to read the message. It had clearly been written in a hurry, and she frowned thinking about the amount of effort that it would take to scribble out this letter on a tiny table somewhere.
“My dearest Helena”, the letter began, an unusual salutation that made her reread the first words again, uncertain that she was reading correctly. It was a scandalous way to address a strange female, and she was tempted to throw the whole letter on the fire, and be done with it. Her hands trembled as she made the first motion to rip it to pieces, but then she caught the next phrase.
“Forgive me for my forwardness, but I could not bear to part with you without some message”. She took the letter to her desk, and sat down, half-convinced that she should throw out the letter, and half-curious about what a Duke could possibly have to say to her.




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